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At George Armstrong Co. Limited, safety is our first priority. Through a program that includes new employee orientation, task specific training, daily job site risk assessment, daily safety talks and job site inspections and audits, our goal is to have "ZERO" injuries on our worksites. From the President of the company to the frontline employees, it is everyones responsibility at our company to make sure that everyone on our job sites get home safe to their families each and every day!


At our company, we have the experience and capability of providing our employees with all the necessary safety training to keep up with todays technology of new equipment and the stringent regulations of Ontario Health Safety Act.


We have our own trainers on staff to satisfy the requirements of the Mining Regulations and the Surface Miner Program which is recognized by the Minisrty of Training Colleges and Universites. From the common core modules to the entire list of specialty modules, our trainers are accredited in every module and can provide training that will eventually lead to any necessary certificate once competency is demonstrated.

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