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Back in 2005, The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario had noticed that the 1,113 pilings that were holding up the Noden Causeway crossing Rainy Lake had been subjected to a severe form of Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC).  This reslulted in a substantial steel section loss in the pipe pilings.  In knowing this, the MTO considered many different ways to rectify this continuing problem.  After weighing the options, they decided to use Polymer Pile Encapsulation as the repair method.  In 2009, the first contract was let out to repair 12 pilings under the west low level structure as a trial to see how the initial design would work.  George Armstrong Co. Limited was the successfull contractor and completed the job.  The job was deemed a success and the MTO let out the next contract to finish the repairs to the remainder of the 200 piles under the west low level structure.  Our company was once again successfull in obtaining this contract and completed it in the fall of 2009.  Once spring arrived in 2010, the MTO continued with the repairs and called a contract for the 856 piles under the high level structure, and once again we were successfull bidder.  This job contract went so well that it was completed one year ahead of its 3 year duration! 


Once all of the 12 ft sections of the piling that were influenced the worst were all repaired, the MTO decided to repair the remaining sections of the pilings under the water which were much slower progressing.  This entailed a repair that would proceed from the botom of the existing 12 ft. repair down to the mudline at lake bottom.  

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