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Our barge fleet is comprised of mainly S-70 Flexi-Float Units.  Flexi-Float barges are dimensioned for easy truck transport to any josite where they can be rapidly assembled into shallow draft configurations designed to meet your specific requirements.  The Flexi-Float barges have a unique locking system that warrants the connectivity of the units in a matter of less than an hour once in the water.


S-70 Flexi-Float Units

12 - Quadrafloats (10' x 40' x 7' deep) - 40 ton capacity x 12 units = 480 tons

6  - Duofloats (10' x 20' x 7' deep) - 20 ton capacity x 6 units = 120 tons

(2 duofloats can be combined to make a 1 quadrafloat)


FlexiFloat Spud Pockets

4 - 12" square spud pockets (stationary)

2 - 12" square spud pockets (tilting)

Various length spuds available upon request


Work Barge

1 - Work Barge (30' x 30' x 4' deep) - 45 ton capacity

Barge has one 12" square spud pocket

Various length spuds available upon request


Note: All capacities are rated at 65% draft


Monthly rates for barges will vary depending on the type of work and duration of project.  Please give us a call so we can help determine what you require and quote accordingly.

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