Grateful member of the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce.  Since 1909, the Chamber has been acitve in a wide range of activities relating to the various social and economic needs of our District to help the well being of our citizens and to help our community suceed !

Proud to be a member of the Infrastrucure Health and safety Association.  IHSA was formed in January 2010 by an amalgomation of The Construction Health and Safety Assciation (CSAO), the Electrical and Utilities Safety Association of Ontario (E&USA) and Transportation Health and Safety Association of Ontario (THSAO).  The coming together of these associations hashas lead to more efficeint consultation with the contractors like ourselves to help prevent injury and illness through excellent training programs.

The Ready Mix Concrete Association of Ontario provides guidelines for good practices for suppliers, manufactururers, general contractors, and sub-contractors involved in the use of ready mix concrete.  These guidelines increase communication between all parties and reduce or minimize potential problems on the jobsites which leads to overall better quality end results.




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